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There's always something going on in nursing home Klivia. The engineer is inventing something. Jet is preparing some nice snacks and nurse Klivia is quarrelling with the neighbor 'Boordevol', who's also the landlord… An explosion in the basement of the nursing home brings the conversation on the phone to an end: the war between neighbor 'Boordevol' and nurse Klivia is on. It becomes a fight that almost loses control when Klivia decides to house Gerrit the burglar, whom has vowed to mend his ways. With another failed invention by the engineer, which again led to an explosion, Boordevol gives another opportunity to get the other residents evicted. Nurse Klivia manages to prevent that. When everything seems to have settled down, Gerrit's grandfather pops up. Hell breaks loose when it appears that someone robbed neighbor But there are no problems in this world that nurse Klivia can't fix. However, neighbor Boodevol has got enough to get nurse Klivia and her patients out of the house. But accompanied by her patients, nurse Klivia pulls some strings and outsmarts her neighbor anyway.
Director Peter Kramer Screenwriting Frank Houtappels Producer Burny Bos, Michiel de Rooij, Sabine Veenendaal Genre Family available on DCP–Digital–DVD
Length 90 minutes Language Dutch Country Netherlands Release 2001-2002 Age

Louis Luca
Tjitske Reidinga
Edo brunner
Lennart Father
Beppe Costa
Paul R. Kooij
Paul de Leeuw
Waldemar Torenstra
Frits Lambrechts


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The Netherlands

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