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Birdhouse stories


It's great to read stories! But it's even more fun to watch and listen! The illustrations of beautiful picture books come to life. These are nine stories for children collected in 45 minutes of animated images about birds that fly, whistle, chirp and have special adventures.


1. The birds
A truck driver opens the door of his trailer. A flock of birds flies out. A shy bird is left behind in the back of the truck. He has no intention of following the rest. The man shares his sandwich with the bird. They talk about life. And the bird has now gathered enough courage and in turn flies away.


2. The hippo's bibs 
The hippo thinks his bibs are too big. All the animals of the savannah come and watch. They just can't agree. Is the bibs too big or too small? And then a huge fight begins. Fortunately, peace returns once everyone is on the potty with their bibs.


3. The Penguin Who Was Cold
It's very cold on the ice! But penguins actually like the cold. Except Milo! Like an ice cube he stands shivering on the edge of the cliff. And then suddenly a whale comes and wants to take it to a warm country.


4. Daddy Long Leg 
Tonight Mathieu's father will pick him up from the nursery in his old green car. But Mathieu is a little concerned. “What if the old car won't start?” Daddy's fantasy is running wild. He comes up with all sorts of ways to be on time.


5. Thumbelina 
Thumbelina is a graceful little girl, no bigger than a thumb. She is kidnapped to marry an ugly toad. Thumbelina experiences all kinds of adventures until she finally finds happiness and freedom ... on the wings of a swallow.


6. The Five Misfits
Once upon a time there were five strange birds; one was perforated, the second was folded in half, the third was very soft, the other always upside down and the last one totally failed. One day they met THE perfect one!


7. On top of my head 
Gaspard, a little bird, lands on Gaston's head one fine day. Just like that, without saying anything. Gaston jumps, runs, rolls over, but the bird doesn't fly away. The days go by and Gaston gets used to his new boyfriend. But why is the bird there anyway?


8. Do you think you are the lion?
From the top of the mountain, the lion spends his time giving orders to the animals in his garden. One day the pigeon has had enough and she leaves to live on the beach. The next day, the sheep follow her lead. Then the dog follows, then the mule, … “They'll be back,” the lion roars. “They need me too much.” But is that true?


9. The Bird That Swallowed a Star
One night a bird swallows a star. It then becomes as shiny as a diamond. But nobody wants to be his boyfriend anymore because he attracts too much attention with his sparkle. Except for a special traveler who takes him on his journey through the desert.

Celia Riviere

Celia Riviere


Pre-School – Cartoon

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February 2020




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