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The horse of Sinterklaas


Winky Wong is six years old when she and her mother move from China to the Netherlands, where her father runs a restaurant. Everything is different here and Winky has to get used to the people, the language and the customs. She experiences the first day of school as a disaster and she never wants to go there again. Then she finds comfort in Saartje, an old pony who is standing in a meadow not far from her house. Winky's mother is afraid of horses, but Winky is not. Winky thinks horses are sweet and warm.

When Winky's mother unexpectedly goes to China to care for her sick mother, Saartje becomes even more important. When Winky has finished helping at the restaurant, she quickly cycles to the meadow to cuddle the pony and feed carrots. This is how she comes into contact with aunt Cor, Saartje's owner. She wants to teach Winky how to ride a horse, but to Winky's regret, her father doesn't allow it. He thinks it's dangerous. Winky is still much too small. The shock is great when Saartje suddenly dies. Now mom is gone and Saartje is no longer there either. Winky feels very alone. She wants so badly to hold a horse. But how did she get a horse? She certainly doesn't get one from her parents. Then Winky hears at school about the arrival of Sinterklaas, a very sweet man who gives everyone presents. Winky gets a really good idea. She just asks a horse from Sinterklaas. Then everything will be all right. Or not?

Misha Kamp

Tamara Bosch


Family – Adventure

Available on
DCP – Digital – DVD

90 minutes

spoke Dutch

The Netherlands



Winky Wong Ebbie Tam
Sinterklaas Sinterklaas
Father Wong Aaron wan
Mother Wong Han-yi Han
Uncle Siem Jan Decleir
Aunt Cor Betty Schuurman
Sophie Sallie Harmsen
Samir Mamoun Elyuonoussi
Teacher Sigrid Anneke Blok
Father Sofie Peter Bolhuis
Culinary Reviewer Antoin Cox


Nijverheidsweg 37
2102 LK Heemstede
The Netherlands

T + 31 (0) 23 700 97 89


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