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About In the Air



Family entertainment that matters

We provide high quality entertainment for children of all ages.
We primarily focus on collaborating with local film producers, so that our national cultural heritage remains available for now and in the future.

Focus and passion are the magical ingredients that ensure that our projects receive the extra attention they deserve. We carry out all work with independently operating specialists. In this way we create the most optimal exploitation plan and reach for each specific film or series.

In addition to local acquisitions, we travel the world in search of family entertainment that meets our standards and values. We want to inspire and empower children with our content.

Reliable, accessible, striving for optimal cooperation with all our customers and relations; that's who we are!

Ruud Lamers

Managing Director


Ruud has a long career in the entertainment industry. In 1975 he became managing director of VIP records and later of WEA records. In 1983 he switched from music to film and became general manager of Warner Home Video Benelux. For a long time, Ruud was chairman of the industry associations for the video industry (NVPI and BVF) in the Netherlands and Belgium and the initiator of the Kijkwijzer classifications within these organizations. He is also a fervent champion of protecting the interests of filmmakers and using techniques to combat unpaid film downloads. 

Marjolijn Janknegt

Sales & Acquisition Manager Benelux


At Marjolijn, film is in her DNA, she has been developing, buying and selling films and series for more than 30 years at various distributors and broadcasters.

Marjolijn strengthens the In The Air team with her many years of knowledge and network on the purchasing and sales side. She is responsible for the digital exploitation of the catalog and is always on the lookout for beautiful new products. It strives for partnerships and intensive cooperation with all parties.

Dennis Zuydervliet

General Manager


Dennis has over twenty years of experience in business development in both the entertainment and fitness industries. He has worked at Sonopress, a subsidiary of Bertelsmann, which, under his leadership, grew within a few years into the largest independent supplier of DVD services worldwide. He was Managing Director at A-Film and has been a consultant for more than 12 years in the field of physical and digital distribution (including New Line Cinema, Warner Home Video and Ziggo). Dennis was a fitness entrepreneur in Brazil and recently worked as Operational Director at fitness chain SportCity. Within In The Air Dennis is responsible for the daily management, as well as the creation and implementation of our vision for the future.

Nosja Lamers



Noesja Lamers manages IN THE AIR's rights portfolio and is responsible for administration, invoicing and operational matters.


Mina Hana

Freelance Marketing Manager


Within In The Air, Mina is responsible for the marketing of cinema films and TVOD releases. Mina has been working in the film industry for 10 years, the first years she did this from an employment contract with a film distributor and since 2022 as a Marketing freelancer in the film industry but also in other industries.


Industrial road 37
2102 LK Heemstede
The Netherlands

T + 31 (0) 23 700 97 89


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