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Official trailer OOPS! Kids overboard… now online

October 14, 2022

The trailer of the new animated film Oops! Kids Overboard is now online! The trailer gives a glimpse of the adventures that Finny, Leah and many other animals are experiencing. The brutally strong voice cast includes Frank Lammers, Vivienne van den Assem and Wildebras. In the film, the best animal friends fall overboard from their ark and are separated from each other. Will the Ark residents be able to find the kids and will Finny and Leah be reunited? The film can be seen in cinemas from 14.

The film contains a great voice cast, including Vivienne van den Assem (RTL Boulevard), Floris Göbel (Dieren TalkTV), Juvat Westendorp (including Silverstar), animal lover Gabriel Martina, better known as Wildebras, and Frank Lammers (Undercover).

Frank plays the voice of lion Leonard, a role he is happy with:You always want to be the lion in a story, don't you?Lammers said. “It is the ideal Christmas movie, beautifully drawn and it contains a funny story with a lot of humor".

For Wildebras, interpreting the voice of the Chimpanzee is a dream come true: “I love that one very muchand I share that every day with all the warriors who follow me. When I was told there was a role for me in OOPS! I went completely crazy! A cartoon with all animals in an ark, datmmust be horrible. So watch!” said Wildebras.



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