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“OOPS! Kids overboard Can be seen in Dutch and Belgian cinemas from 14 December”

Sep 16, 2022

Animal lovers can indulge themselves! Join Finny and Leah on an adventure in the animated comedy OOPS! Kids overboard. These best animal friends fall overboard from an ark and are separated from each other. Leah washes up on an island, while Finny ends up at a strange colony of similar creatures. Will the Ark residents be able to find the kids and will Finny and Leah ever find each other again? The film will be released in Dutch in cinemas with, among others, the voice of Vivienne van den Assem (RTL Boulevard), Frank Lammers (Undercover), Floris Göbel (DierenraatTV), Juvat Westendorp (including Silverstar) and animal lover Gabriel Marta, better known as Wildebras. oops! Kids overboard will be released in Dutch cinemas on December 14 by In the Air and Just4kids.

Finny is a herbivore and Leah is a carnivore, yet they are best friends. In an ark full of other animals, they have been floating at sea for weeks without any view of the mainland and the food supply is running out. As a result, the (uncomfortable) peace between the carnivores and herbivores could change at any moment… As if that wasn't bad enough, Finny and Leah are accidentally flushed aboard, along with the last food supplies. oops!

Aboard their makeshift raft, they are joined by Jelly, a chatty young jellyfish. But when the raft is ravaged by a violent storm, Finny, Leah and Jelly are plunged into the depths of the ocean and separated from each other. Leah and Jelly wash up on a remote island, and Finny wakes up in a strange colony of familiar congeners…

oops! Kids overboard is a comically exciting film for the whole family and ideal to watch during the Christmas holidays.

Release date: from December 14 in Dutch and Belgian cinemas
Playing time:
85 minutes
Language: Dutch
Age: 6+
Genre: family movie
Voice cast: Vivienne van den Assem plays the voice of Hazel, Leah's mother, Frank Lammers can be heard as Leonard's lion, Floris Göbel as Rhinoceros and Gabriel Marta as Chimpanzee. Juvat Westendorp interprets the voice of Clam, Sil van der Zwan the voice of Finny, Leelou Rijsdam as Leah, Helle Vanderheyden the pink jellyfish, Kobe van Herwegen gives his voice to the Guard and Maja van Honsté to Patch.


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