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'KUNG FU LION' in cinemas from February 16!

Dec 21, 2022

In Kung Fu Lion we follow two boys with very different backgrounds, where Kung Fu seems to be the only thing that connects them. Kung Fu Lion is an authentic story from writer and director Froukje Tan (My Adventures by V. Swchwrm), which warmly portrays the budding friendship between the two teenagers and their shared love of Kung Fu. A compelling coming of age film, set against the multicultural background of Rotterdam. In The Air releases the film in theaters from February 16.

A Chinese lion consists of two dancers. One moves the head, the other the back. They feel each other flawlessly. Unless the rear wants to lead… 14-year-old Jimmy (Tyrell Williams) is fanatical, strong and one of the best Kung Fu students in his school. As the roster of the new lion dance team is put together, Jimmy sees his dream of dancing in the lion's head shattered. His Sifu (tutor) chooses newcomer Li Jié, with his impressive martial arts jumps, for the lion's head and puts Jimmy at the back. Jimmy is afraid to go against his Sifu's wishes, but is determined to take his place back. Only, in order to do that, he must first overcome his jealousy…

Former Dutch karate champion Tyrell Williams and avid Kung Fu practitioner Haye Lee play the lead roles and make their feature film debut. Other roles are played by Senna Rijsdijk, Kar-Yung Lau (The Grandmaster, Danh Lung), Ralph Moerman (Süskind, The expedition of the Vos family), Fahd Larhzaoui (El Houb, The last interrogation) and Dewi Reijs (The rules of Floor , a real Vermeer). Kung Fu Lion is dedicated to

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