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ITA buys new film with beautiful artwork, Hello World!

January 11, 2021

ITA buys new film with beautiful artwork, Hello World!

Coming soon in cinemas! Who am I? Do I have legs? How do I learn to breathe? And oh yes… what do I actually like to eat? At least ten different animal species are born, live and survive along the river. The Long-eared Owl flies up and lives its second life at night! The water bird makes itself invisible, does the seaweed dance and catches a fish. The kingfisher is looking for a place in the sun. Find out who the bank builder is and get to know a gigantic pike, who is looking for great adventure. And then there are the terrapin, the forest bat and the fire salamander. Together they cheer: “Hello world!”


dragon girl


Nijverheidsweg 37
2102 LK Heemstede
The Netherlands

T + 31 (0) 23 700 97 89


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