Gordon & Paddy

Aug 31, 2019

Gordon & Paddy can be admired in Dutch cinemas from 11 October. In this exciting detective story for small and large detective noses, Gordon and Paddy go in search of the stolen nuts from mister the Squirrel. On a cold day, Inspector Gordon is startled by a lot of screams. Mr. Squirrel is panicking because his winter supply of nuts has been stolen. This job is not easily done and during his search for the perpetrator Inspector meets Gordon Paddy. Paddy is a mouse without a house and Inspector Gordon is happy to offer her a bed in his police station in exchange for some help with this difficult case. Together they go after the perpetrators, but then their path seems to cross with that of the scary fox. Do Gordon & Paddy find the perpetrators and do they stay out of the hands of the fox? You can see it in the cinema from 11 October.


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