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'Casper and Emma and the golden ring' in cinemas from July 12!

May 16, 2023


In cinemas from July 12th!

Today Just4Kids and In The Air announce that the eighth film by Casper and Emma will be shown in cinemas in the Netherlands and Belgium from July 12. The popularity of Casper and Emma from Norway continues to grow. Thousands of children watch Casper and Emma's videos every week on the Just4Kids YouTube channel and the series has been on display at Zappelin on NPO 10 for 3 years.

Casper and Emma and the Golden Ring will be another fun and exciting adventure. The best friends go on holiday to Malta with their families. In the sea they find a gold ring. They immediately investigate to find out whether the gold ring comes from the sunken city of Atlantis. 'Casper and Emma and the golden ring' can be seen in cinemas in the Netherlands and Belgium from July 12!

Release date: from 12 July in the Netherlands and Belgium | Playing time: 80 minutes | Language: Dutch | Classification: AL | Genre: family movie

dragon girl

Casper and Emma go on holiday with their family to the island of Malta, which is located in the Mediterranean Sea. On their first day at the beach, they meet Pawlu and his stuffed animal, Dolphin. The beginning of a real holiday friendship. While playing, the three friends together find something special in the sea: a golden ring! Casper and Emma think that someone has lost their wedding ring and they search for its rightful owner. But finding the owner of the ring turns out to be more difficult than expected. A fisherman tells the children that the ring comes from the sunken city of Atlantis. While Emma and Pawlu are still on the quest, Casper meets Agatha, a girl from Malta. In the end, Emma decides to throw the ring back into the sea. But at that moment Casper gets to know Agatha's grandmother and the mystery of the found ring is finally solved...

About Casper and Emma
Casper and Emma are two 5 year olds. They first met at school and have been best friends ever since. They both have a cuddly toy: Casper's cuddly toy is called Welpje and Emma's cuddly toy is called Mrs. Rabbit. These cuddly toys can talk and only come to life with Casper and Emma. The cuddly toys go everywhere and experience the adventures in their own way. The stories of Casper and Emma are based on the books of the Norwegian Tor Age Bringsværd. Casper and Emma or 'Karsten og Petra' have been extremely popular in Norway and Denmark for 20 years. In addition to a new film, there will also be a new TV series from Casper and Emma. This will also be shown at Zappelin.


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