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  • Simple Simon

    "I'm Simon. I have Asperger's syndrome. I like space, circles and my brother Sam who always looks after me. I dislike feelings, other people, changes and romantic comedies with Hugh Grant." "Simple Simon" is the story of 18 year-old Simon, a boy with Asperger's syndrome whose life is turned upside-down when his brother Sam is dumped by his girlfriend. To make his life work, Simon needs structure. He needs things to follow a certain pattern - with the same schedule, the same meals, the same clothes - week in week out. Sam is the one who's always taken care of Simon. Making him food in the shape of circles and helping him understand humans.

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  • Sing Song

    Music film about the adventurous journey of Jasmine (16) who travels to Surinam to find her mother and her roots. But once she gets there, she has to deal with one surprise after the other.

    Summer 2017 in Theatre

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  • Siv Sleeps Astray

    Most things seem very strange when Siv, 7, for the first time sleeps over at her new friend Cerisia’s. In a home that is very different to her own, Siv finds it strange and weird. With the help of two talkative and funny badger friends, who appear in the middle of the night, she has some wonderful adventures that help her embrace differences and find herself. 

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