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The Amazing Wiplala

The film version of the famous book ‘Wiplala’, written by Annie M.G. Schmidt.

Seven-year-old Johannes Blom gets blown away when he discovers a little man in the kitchen cupboard, hidden behind the peanut butter jar. He’s even more astonished when he realizes that this little man, ‘Wiplala’, has magical powers. When Wiplala accidentally transforms the Blom family to little people, the adventure begins. Will they ever go back to normal-sized people?


Year 2014

Age 6

Length 90 minutes



Screenplay: Tamara Bos

Director: Tim Oliehoek

Broadcaster: AVROTROS

D.O.P.: Rolf Dekens

Executive Producer: Niko Post

Sound: Carlo Thoss

Gaffer: Wim Temmerman

Production design: Wilbert van Dorp

Costume Design: Tine Deseure en Bho Roosterman

Make-up & Hair: Claudine Moureaud-Demoulling

Editor: Bert Jacobs

Sound Design: Michel Schillings

Music: André Dziezuk

Post production supervisor: Loes Knape

VFX: Grid



Sasha Mylanus

Géza Weisz

Kee Ketelaar

Peter Paul Muller

Marjan Luif

Paul R, Kooij

Gabbi Lieve van Waveren

Cas Jansen

Hans Kesting

Jack Wouterse