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Winky's Horse

Six-year old Winky Wong just moved from China to Holland, to live in a small seaside resort, where her father owns a Chinese restaurant. She struggles with adapting. The language, the people, the daily routine; everything is different. Her first day in school is a disaster and she doesn't want to go back ever again. This changes when she meets 'Saartje', an old pony, walking around a meadow close to her house. Winky loves horses, in contrast with her mom, who's afraid of them. 

When Winky's mom has to go back to China to take care of her ill mother, Saartje becomes more and more important to Winky. Whenever she's done with her duties in the restaurant, she hurries to the pony to pet him or to feed him carrots. She meets Auntie Cor, the owner of the horse, who'd gladly teach her to ride horses. Unfortunately, Winky's dad won't allow it, because he thinks it's too dangerous for such a small girl. When Saartje dies and Winky's mom is still back in China, she's starting to feel really lonely. If she could only have a horse, that would make her a lot happier. But how is she ever going to get one if her parents won't give her one?
She finds the perfect solution when they teach Winky about 'Sinterklaas' (Saint Nicholas), a very sweet old guy who gives presents to all the kids in the Netherlands. She'll ask him for a horse! Then all her problems would be solved. Or wouldn't they be?


Screenplay: Tamara Bos
Director: Mischa Kamp
Broadcaster: AVRO
D.O.P.: Lennert Hillege
Executive Producer: Kim Klaase
Gaffer: Mark Bakker
Sound: Bram Meindersma
Production design: Frederiek Delfos en Anita Kars
Costume Design: Maartje Wevers
Make-up & Hair: Kaway Chui
Editor: Sander Vos
Sound Design: Marco Vermaas
Music: Johan Hoogewijs


Ebbie Tam
Aaron Wan
Jan Decleir
Betty Schuurman
Sallie Harmsen
Mamoun Elyounoussi
Anneke Blok
Peter Bolhuis


2005 - Nominated for Golden Calf for Best Film and Best Supporting Actor - Netherlands Film Festival (The Netherlands)
2005 - Moviesquad Junior Award - Netherlands Film Festival (The Netherlands)
2005 - FNAC Audience Award - Film Festival Gent (Belgium); 2006 Silver Goat - International Young Audience Film Festival Ale Kino! (Poland)
2006 - Audience Award - Montreal International Children's Film Festival (Canada)
2006 - Audience Award - Filmfest München - Kinderfilmfest (Germany)
2006 - ANEC Gold Medal - Giffoni Film Festival (Italy)
2006 - Children's Jury 2nd Prize Live Action Feature Film & Adult's Jury Award Certificate of Merit for Live Action Feature Film - Chicago International Children's Film Festival (USA)
2006 - Competition at Kinderfilmfest - Berlin International Film Festival (Germany)
2006 - Mini Castellinaria (6-15 years) - Castellinaria, International Festival of Films for Youth (Switzerland)
2006 - CIFEJ Award & Award for best young actress - Olympia International Film Festival for Children and Young People (Greece)
2007 - Adult's Audience Award - Festival Internacional de Cine para Ninos (Mexico)
2007 - My Most Favourite Award - China International Film Festival (China)