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The Great Bear

Jonathan and his little sister Sophie are on holiday at they grandfather's cabin deep in the forest. Jonathan tries to get rid of Sophie, but when he finally succeeds, it's in a way Jonathan would never have imagined.

Sophie has been kidnapped by a huge bear, and now he has to somehow find her and get her back home. In the course of their journey the two are mixed up in an epic battle between a hunter dwelling in the forest and the great bear. But before Jonathan and Sophie can save themselves, the forest and the bear from an evil fate, they have to accept each other as brother and sister.

Credits, crew & facts

Denmark 2011
Original (Danish) title: Den Kæmpestore Bjørn                          
Length: 73 minuten 
Language Nederlands gesproken
Age: 7+
Director:  Esben Toft Jacobsen
Script: Jannik Tai Mosholt, Esben Toft Jacobsen
Music: Nicklas Schmidt
Orchestra: Peter Due
Sound: Morten Dalsgaard, James Shannon, Linda Brännström,Matti Carlson, Christian Holm
Visual effects: Fateh Shams
Animation: Johan Erenius, Brian Leif Hansen, Rasmus Nyhus Hansen, Andreas Normand Grøntved, Sten Platz, Stine Sørensen, Torben Søttrup, Thomas Østergaard Poulsen
Production Design: Andreas Normand Grøntved
Producer: Petter Lindblad
Executive Producer: Sarita Christensen  
Production: Copenhagen Bombay
Dutch sound: Wim Pel Productions
Translation: Renée Widdershoven
Technics: Tim Grommé
Production: Eudia Winter
Dutch voices: Lotte Kuijt (Sofie), Machiel Verbeek (Jonathan), Ivan Pecnik (jager),  Jan Nonhof (opa)