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Pluk and his tow truck

On a beautiful day, a small red tow truck enters a gate that leads to the ‘Petteflet’. Behind the wheel, an eight-year-old boy, Pluk, who’s looking for a place to live. He just started pitching his tent in the ‘Torteltuin’ (park), when Dollie the dove informs him about an empty room, all the way on top of the roof of the Petteflet. Pluk is not sure whether it’s allowed to move into that room, but Dollie assures him that it is, because the room’s not being used anyway. 

In the Petteflet, Pluk meets a lot of his future human friends, such as ‘Aagje’, the ‘Stampertjes’, ‘Mr. Pen’, but also future animal friends, like ‘Zaza’, ‘Squirrel Duizeltje’, ‘Dollie’ and ‘Shy Rabbit’. When one day Pluk finds out that they want to destroy the Torteltuin, he decides to do everything in his power to save the park, being accompanied by all his friends. But will he manage…?
Productiejaar 2004
Leeftijd AL
Lengte 90 minuten


Screenplay: Tamara Bos

Director: Ben Sombogaart

Broadcaster: AVRO

D.O.P.: Remko Schnorr

Executive Producer: Kim Klaase

Gaffer: Daan de Boer

Sound: Coen Gravendaal

Production design: Michel de Graaf

Costume Design: Vera de Jong en Zita Winnubst

Make-up & Hair: Hennesien van Walderveen

Editor: Herman P. Koerts

Sound Design: Peter Flamman

Music: Johan Hoogeboom en Arie van der Wulp



Janieck van de Polder

Suzanne Zuiderwijk

Hanneke Riemer

Arjan Ederveen

Jack Wouterse

Erik van Muisinkel

Erica Terpstra

And voices of a.o. Karin Bloemen Frits Lambrechts Marc-Marie Huijbregts Dolf Jansen Martine Sandifort Owen Shumacher



2004 - Golden and Platinum Film - Netherlands Film Festival (The Netherlands)

2004 - Encouragement Award - Dutch Cultural Media Fund (The Netherlands)