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Mr. Frog

Sita lives with her mother, who’s always busy with her work. Her schoolteacher Mr. Frans gives her the attention she needs. Then suddenly one day Mr. Frans turns in to a frog.

The whole class is relieved when the next day Mr. Frans is his normal self again. But a few days later when Mr Frans arrives late at school and he is wet, dirty and terrified after being attacked by a stork. The headmaster Stork wants to fire him. Sita and her friend Wouter try to find a way to avoid the dismissal of their teacher. They are searching Mr Stork’s room when a large black stork comes flying in through the window. Wouter is so frightened that he runs off. Sita hides for the stork and stays in Storks room.

Sita is angry at Wouter for leaving her behind and she’s angry at her mother, who promised they would spend a nice evening together, but hasn’t come home. She feels so alone that the next day, she changes the teacher into a frog and takes him home with her. When Mr. Frans turns in to a human again, he is angry with Sita, but sees how lonely she is.

Her mother knows she has to make it up with Sita. So she’s showing off at the school centenary celebration. At the celebration Mr. Frans turns into a frog in front of everybody, at the same time Sita realises why the headmaster hates Mr. Frans so much, headmaster is a stork! The celebration gets completely out of hand, but is saved by Sita with the help of her mother and Wouter.