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This is Morrison, five years old. He is a world-champion in running, angry faces and driving cars. Steven, his dad, taught him how to drive. His mother Nina is a vet and, according to Morrison, repairs broken animals. Just like his dad repairs broken cars in the garage.

Morrison’s mom is pregnant and the baby is expected soon. Steven warns Morrison that his life is going to have some changes when the baby comes. Morrison overhears his mom and her friend talking about the plans to turn his room into the babies room, and to make Morrison live with his aunt for a little while. He takes all of this information and draws his own conclusion: he is going to have to move out to make room for the baby... For ever!
But Morrison won’t put up with that and together with his two imaginary friends, crocodile and bumper, he comes up with a plan to be able to stay with his parents. Operation poo-cake is just one of the things Morrison pulls off to get the attention of his parents – whom are, in Morrisons eyes, only occupied with the upcoming baby.
When the baby finally arrives, Morrison concludes that there is only one thing left to do.
Take the baby and give it away!

Productiejaar 2007/2008 
Leeftijd AL
Lengte: 95 minuten


Screenplay: Sjoerd Kuyper
Director: Barbara Bredero
Broadcaster: AVRO
D.O.P.: Han Wennink
Executive Producer: Kim Klaase
Gaffer: Michel Stevens
Sound: Victor Dekker
Production design: Donja de Graaf
Costume Design: Bho Roosterman en Fanny Kieft
Make-up & Hair: Liselotte Bredero
Editor: Elsbeth kasteel
Sound Design: Marco Vermaas
Music: Martijn Schimmer


Tobias Lamberts
Bracha van Doesburgh
Barry Atsma
Nettie Blanken
Jim van der Woude
Kees Boot
Nina Deuss
Fred Goessens


2009 - Bronze long feature film - Cairo International Film Festival for Children (Egypt)
2009 - CIFEJ Award - LUKAS Children's Film Festival (Germany)