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Miss Minoes

Tibbe, an amateur journalist, working for the local newspaper of ‘Killendoorn’, is about to lose his job. Even though he’s too shy and scared to be a decent journalist, the editor-in-chief gives him a last chance to prove himself. When Tibbe is clueless what to write his next article about, he meets a peculiar lady. Miss Minous. She tries to convince him that she used to be a cat, but was transformed into a human being. Miss Minous still behaves like a cat: she purrs, she nuzzles, she loves to sleep in boxes and on top of that, she can communicate with cats. Tibbe’s not sure what to think of her, but since she can provide him with a lot of exclusive news stories through her cat-network, he decides to hire her as his assistant, in exchange for food and accommodation.

Year 2001
Age AL
Length 88 minuten, tv-series: 4 x 25 min.


Screenplay: Tamara Bos en Burny Bos
Director: Vincent Bal
Broadcaster: AVRO
D.O.P.: Walther Vanden Ende
Executive Producer: Sabine Veenendaal
Gaffer: Franc van Zutphen
Sound: Mark Glynne
Production design: Vincent de Pater
Costume Design: Bernadette Corstens
Make-up & Hair: Mariël Hoevenaars
Editor: Peter Alderliesten
Sound Design: Pepijn Aben en Luuk Poels
Music: Peter Vermeersch


Theo Maasen
Carice van Houten
Sarah Bannier
Pierre Bokma
Marisa van Eyle
Olga Zuiderhoek
Kees Hulst
Hans Kesting
Jack Wouterse


2001 - Golden and Platinum Film - Netherlands Film Festival (The Netherlands)
2002 - Skrien Afficeprijs - Netherlands Film Festival (The Netherlands)
2002 - Winner Best Film by children's jury - Bielefelder Kinder- und Jugendfilmfest (Germany)
2002 - Winner Jenny Award (most tickets sold in The Netherlands) - Evening of the Dutch Feature Film (The Netherlands)
2002 - CIFEJ Award for Best Feature Film - International Children's Film Festival Montreal (Canada)
2002 - Award Best Feature Fil by Children's Jury - Cairo International Film Festival for Children (Egypt)
2002 - Gordon Parsons Award for Best Feature Film - ViewFinders (Canada)
2002 - Award for Best Actress - Carrousel International du Film de Rimouski (Canada)
2002 - Golden Calf for Best Actress and Best Feature Film - Dutch Film Festival (The Netherlands)
2002 - Children's Jury Award for Best Int. Live-Action Feature Film - Chicago International Children's Film Festival (USA)
2002 - Euro Kids Award for 'Best European Film for Young Audiences with a great potential for international distribution', by MEDIASalles - Castellinaria International Festival of Films for Youth (Switzerland)
2003 - Freeze Frame Youth Jury Award for Best Feature Film - Freeze Frame International Children's Film Festival Winnipeg (Canada)
2003 - Special Jury Award - 2nd International Film Festival for Children and Young People (Argentina)
2003 - The Silver Elephant Plus Cash Prize for Best Live Action Feature Film - 13th International Children's Film Festival (India)
2004 - Youth Jury Award - Kids! Cinema! Action! Film Festival (USA)
2005 - Best Actress - Artek Internationaal Kinder Film Festival (Ukraine)