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Lied van de Zee

Ben and Saoirse live with their father on a small island off the Irish west coast. To protect the children from the dangers of the sea, grandmother takes them to her home in the city. The children follow a trail of magical lights that leads them to a hidden cave. There they discover that the elves from stories of their mother are real and that his sister Saoirse is actually a selkie, a kind of marine mermaid with a magical voice. She can have both the shape of a human child as a seal.

But the elves are in danger. They turn into stone and every feeling is caught by the owl witch in glass jars. Only the magic song of a selkie child can lift the curse ...
Original title SONG OF THE SEA
Country, year: Ireland / Belgium / Denmark / Luxembourg / France, 2014
Director: Tomm Moore
Language: Dutch Version
Length: 94 minutes